Ultimate4Trading is a binary trading bot that has quickly made a name for itself in the world of binary options trading. The reason for its popularity is down to its innovative and reliable algorithm, which has gained it considerable recognition amongst traders in the UK. Get started here!

A bit about the algorithm…

ultimate4trading algorithmAt the core of the Ultimate4Trading bot is its sophisticated algorithm. The algorithm was first developed as a university project by four students – John Cross, Ash Patel, Abbey Walker-Jones, and Matty Voss. Initially, the algorithm was developed for trading stocks but the creators saw the opportunity to adjust the algorithm for the growing binary options industry. Since its launch, the developers have offered the Ultimate4Trading bot for free to traders worldwide. The primary purpose of binary options signals provided by the bot is to help a trader make an informed decision before executing a trade. The Ultimate4Trading algorithm sorts and analyses terabytes of real-time data in nanoseconds – then it detects the trends of thousands of assets traded globally. Next, the algorithm identifies and presents the trades that it determines have more than a 70% chance of success. Based on the algorithm’s predictions, the user can choose which trades he wishes to execute.

Ultimate4Trading is absolutely free of charge and easy to use. It selects the trades that can expire successfully, and then traders just have to follow the trade alert. The algorithm does all the difficult work for you so you don’t lose any precious time analysing complex charts or historical data. Even an inexperienced trader can use this bot confidently. This trading tool has, in fact, modernised and simplified the concept of binary options trading.

Why sign up for a demo account?

By registering for an Ultimate4Trading account, you can get used to using the software and test its accuracy by using our free demo account. Opening a demo account is a great way to familiarise yourself with binary options trading and how to use the trade alerts provided by Ultimate4Trading. You will be experiencing a trading environment without risking actual money. The goal is to help you understand how to use the trade alerts so you can have a greater chance of success and maximise your returns. If you are just starting out as a binary options trader, signing up for a demo account can help you experience the process without the risk of losing money. Trading with a demo account first can help you understand the trends of global financial assets which will help you understand which binary options strategies to apply to a particular trade.

demo Ultimate4Trading

How secure is Ultimate4Trading?

The Ultimate4Trading bot offers you peace of mind as you trade as it eases the concerns many traders have of investing in a high yielding, dynamic, volatile and speculative financial derivative. Since you are trading binary options, your risk exposure only extends to the amount of money you’ve placed on a particular trade. You are aware of the potential loss or return before you execute the trade. Additionally, the Ultimate4Trading bot also guarantees that you will only trade with a safe broker as this bot only uses binary options’ brokers that are regulated by the Cypress Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC). This way you can be certain that, when you go to the site and open your account, your money and details will be safe and secure, and you can concentrate on trading.

How to use the Ultimate4Trading bot

To begin using the Ultimate4Trading bot, you simply need to complete a short sign-up form and click on ‘Open Your Free Account’. From there, you need to choose your account – you can click on the ‘Activate Account’ button and begin trading for real or you can click on the ‘Demo Mode’ to try out the system for free. You are now ready to use this binary options tool. If you selected to activate a real account, you will be taken to a deposit page of the selected broker.

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Once you have entered the trading area, you will be ready to start experiencing the power of the Ultimate4Trading system and binary trading in general. A list of all available, recommended binary options trades will be presented. On the left, you will see your account balance and the option to deposit or withdraw funds. To trade, enter your chosen amount into the ‘Investment box’. Next, the bot will suggest whether to execute a call or put option. All you have to do is choose the option and click ‘Trade Now’. Once placed, your trade will show in your ‘trading history’ where you can monitor it and view whether it was successful once it has expired.

Ultimate4Trading – a revolutionary binary options tool

Users from across the UK have grown to love the Ultimate4trading bot and view it as a revolutionary binary options tool. This is all thanks to the highly complex algorithm upon which it is based that has enabled it to perform with impressive rates of accuracy. The consistency of the reliability of the predictions is truly exceptional. Since the system only works with the most well-known and fully regulated binary options brokers, this combination of security and performance has built up its reputation for it being a superior binary options bot.

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you are just starting to trade binary options and want to try out a free demo that will show you first-hand how you can earn significant returns from binary trading, or if you want to improve your returns, Ultimate4Trading can help you achieve your goals. Register for an account today and get started on a path to binary trading success!