Create a Free Demo AccountGiven the volatility of the financial markets, it can often feel risky for a trader to deposit money and start trading for real. He may feel exposed to an even greater risk if he doesn’t possess any prior trading experience. In order to provide a risk-free environment for trading, some platforms have a demo account in place. A demo account is indispensable in practising and sharpening trading skills prior to making a huge investment.

What are the main advantages of a demo account?

For any inexperienced binary options trader, a demo account acts as a great way to understand the trading process thoroughly. Since there’s no upfront commitment, there’s no risk of losing money. With a demo account, users can try out the trading platform until they are ready to register. Since market trends are constantly changing, a user must first learn to adapt. A demo account lets a user dedicate an ample amount of time for practising real-time trading with virtual money. Moreover, a demo account helps a user understand the trends of a large variety of assets traded globally. Consequently, a user develops a keen understanding of the different binary options strategies that could be implemented.

demo Ultimate4Trading

Demo account – Practise trading with no commitment

Registration at Ultimate4Trading lets the users test the accuracy of the bot through a free demo account. At first, users need to click on the ‘Open Free Account’ button on the Ultimate4Trading homepage. The registration page includes a few mandatory fields to be filled by the user. Then, the user has to select an account currency. Next, he ticks a checkbox in order to agree to the Terms & Conditions. Finally, by clicking on the ‘Open Free Account’ button, he is directed to the welcome page. Here, the user can press the blue button to access the risk-free Demo Mode.

When a user is directed to the trading platform of Ultimate4Trading, he can view all the available binary options trades at the centre of this page. £500 is given as practice or virtual money. The trader can set a default investment amount for each trade, for instance, £50. To place a demo trade, user needs to view which trades are recommended by the Ultimate4Trading algorithm. Next, the user chooses one of the suggested binary options, enters the amount he wishes to trade,  and clicks on the ‘Trade Now’ button. From thereon, the trade and its status will be listed and updated in the ‘trading history’ section at the bottom of the page.  Upon expiration, the bot indicates whether the trade has been successful or not!

The aim of the Ultimate4Trading demo account is to allow users to test the software and sharpen their trading skills. To try it out for yourself, register for an Ultimate4Trading account today.